New Cannabis Bill Named After Trump In Tennessee Will Restrict Medical Cannabis

So after last week's victories, I feel the need to bring your attention to this one. I'm not sure what to call it. 'Cause on one hand it's a win, on the other it's a fail.

What happened is that two Tennessee lawmakers; Rep. Bryan Terry and Sen. Steve Dickerson announced they want to attempt to pass a Cannabis bill they called Tennessee Responsible Use of Medicinal Plants Act or TRUMP Act. Just the way Trump likes it. All in caps. Now, this bill would allow the medical research and treatment with cannabis and cannabis extracts. Which of course sounds all fine and dandy or at least in the general vicinity of dandyhood if not because this bill puts restrictions on patients qualifying for medical Cannabis which leaves completely out of the picture some patients who legitimately need it but don't qualify and that's the key failure of this new law which is that it shouldn't really be up to lawmakers to dictate who gets what 'cause whether you want to treat your illness with one thing or another it's really up to you and your physician, nobody else can decide that for you and as I said in previous posts, maybe it doesn't affect you now, but if you don't keep a vigilant eye, a similar Cannabis bill can be passed in your area. If this already IS your area, what are you waiting for? CALL YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES and tell them "this is not ok!". Come on! You don't need a nanny who takes care of you like that. You're a grown up who can decide whether you want Opioids or medical Marijuana.

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