New Polls Show That The Majority Of American People Want Trump Impeached Or Censured

After so many train-wrecks during Trump's presidency including, but not limited to: Name-calling, racism, fear mongering and lies, embarrassments, and who could forget a government shutdown, not to mention paying hush money to two women to cover up an alleged affair and the criminal investigation for being a Russian a̶s̶s̶h̶a̶t̶ asset. American people have had it with Trump. Most of them anyways. And who could blame them, really? His approval rating is at an all-time low. So low, in fact that that there are more people who want him impeached than there are people who want him in office.

And I briefly talked about this in previous posts; if he keeps acting this way, people are simply not gonna have it any longer. What seemed like a terrific idea in the beginning, once in practice it became a monstrosity and only his most brain-washed followers seem to support it. But give it enough time and not only they will.

So far 60% of the people who voted on a new poll conducted by Harvard CAPS/Harris think that some kind of action must be taken against Trump. Presumably to stop him from turning the country into a dystopian wasteland. And of those who were asked whether Trump should be impeached, censured by Congress, or stay in office, 39% voted for impeachment. 20% voted for lawmakers to formally censure the president and 41% thinks he should stay in office. Which at this point I think it all boils down to partisan favoritism. Just to not let the Democrats win, even if they don't agree with Trump.

Now, even with these numbers on the poll, this all sounds terrific, but alas with 53 Republicans in the House of Representatives, a two thirds of the House vote in favor of impeachment is just not gonna happen due to the afore-mentioned partisan favoritism.

But given enough time, and with the way Trump is handling things, who knows. I mean, there's already a lot of people unhappy with the government shutdown over his stupid wall.

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