New T-Shirt - Ganjalf The Green

For those who love The Lord of the Rings book series, Gandalf is one of the most beloved characters. He also appears to be one of the first openly stoner characters. As Saruman so eloquently puts it:

"Your love of the Halfling's leaf has clearly slowed your mind."

Even throughout the books, the stuff they smoke is called "pipeweed", and although many people (Mostly schoolars) maintain that this is in fact "tobacco", I don't know of any tobacco that might "slow your mind" unless it's wacky-tobacci. But before we continue, and before you get too excited, I feel like it's my duty to clear any doubts and explain that in the Tolkien canon, it does appear to be explicitly tobacco, as they call it "probably a variety of nicotiana", unless this is in fact a mix between the words "Nicotine" and "Marijuana", which is another probability. All that said, officially Gandalf is not a stoner. But you know who is? His stoner counterpart; Ganjalf the Green! Which you can now wear on a comfortable cotton t-shirt and find at our shop. It's only 17 bucks and helps this independent Blog keep going. Head over to our shop and check our other designs, you might like them. Thanks again for reading and as always, stay happy!


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