New T-Shirt: "Mariljuana"

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic and printed characters in pop culture history, you'll find her on about every other t-shirt, along with some variation of Che Guevara's face, she's been on every kind of media, including even a portrait of Andy Warhol.

According to some sources, Monroe is no stranger to Cannabis, In 2009, a controversial 90-second video surfaced of Monroe allegedly smoking weed, whether this is true or not is open for debate, but all the same every culture and counter-culture has adopted Marilyn as their own; Cholos, Stoners, Grease Monkeys, Goths, you name it. A truly gorgeous face that deserves to be on things, so continuing the tradition, this is our humble rendition of her.

"Maryljuana" comes in both black and white t-shirts, printed on high quality cotton, it's super comfortable and you can find her right now in our shop. Although not a limited edition, these t-shirts are available in limited numbers, so order yours now, before they run out.


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