New York Allows Cannabis as Opioid Alternative

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

We've been getting a bit too negative here at Cannijuana Friends Blog. With all the bad news, I feel like we -for a moment- lost sight of what it's all about and I just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge some of the good things. To remind you that it's not all struggle and that sometimes reason and sense prevails over stupidity.

So what am I talking about? Remember Monday's post about how Marijuana is frowned upon as a viable alternative to opioid drugs, mainly by the Surgeon General? Well, turns out Cannabis is now a valid opioid alternative in New York. Yes, Folks, you read right. You can now be LEGALLY prescribed Cannabis instead of your run of the mill p̶o̶i̶s̶o̶n̶ opioid drug, which is amazing! Think of it as "Paper or Plastic" dilemma. You wouldn't put a plastic bag over your head, would you? I mean, if you were to put a bag over your head. So people can't see your face... Hypothetically. Shut up, I'm ugly, don't judge me!!!

Anyways, as always we don't like to take sides here at the Cannijuana Friends Blog, and if you prefer Oxycodone, Codeine or Hydrocodone, it's obviously your body and you decide what you put in it but at least now you have the "green" alternative and can use it if you choose to do so and that's what it's all about. That's what we wanted all along. In time everyone will see and understand that the benefits of Medicinal Cannabis outweigh those of opioid drugs. Weed's better hands down. But for that to happen, people need the choice in the first place and New York is taking the first steps in the right direction.

Visit to read the whole article about it:

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