Not Telling Your Doctor You Smoke Weed Could Be A Terrible Idea!

We briefly explored the problems of Cannabis use and anesthetics back in this post, suffice to say that not knowing what you're doing can result in a lot of pain. But you know what would be worst than that? A WORLD OF PAIN! Which is exactly what you'll get if you casually wake up mid-surgery with the doctors still digging deep into your entrails! And I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a fear-mongering asshole, but I want you to know the gravity of the situation. Because many people are still afraid of disclosing their Cannabis use because of the social stigma and decide to still go on with the procedure without letting their physician know about their weed-smoking habits just to regret it later.

The hypothesis so far, at least, is that Marijuana use results higher tolerance to pain medications and anesthetics, therefore, more of it is needed before, during and after the surgery. These studies are still in their infancy and a lot more research needs to be done, but one of the solutions the doctors involved in the research is proposing is using Dronabinol to balance things, also known as synthetic THC. If you're a regular here, this might be already triggering some horror flashbacks to these posts. Which at this point doesn't sound like a great solution.

Regardless, letting your physician know about whatever substance habits you have is key. Last year a good friend's son passed away after a coma because he took de-worming medications and didn't tell his doctor he had been drinking heavily all day. Turns out there was some alcohol left in his system and it didn't mix with the medication. Cannabis doesn't have such an extreme side-effect, but it goes to show you that whatever you put in your body can interact with the medications you take in more ways than one. From making them less effective, to 'causing extreme pain or death among other complications.

Your doctor is not there to police your behavior or habits, they're there to cure you, so don't be shy to tell him or her what you've been up to, it will only benefit you. And who knows, if doctors see more grounded and responsible Cannabis users come through their doors, it might help to dissolve whatever stigma around it remains.

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