Police Dog Finds $10m in Weed!

These news are making headlines for a week now and here at Cannijuana Friends we can't just ignore it as it involves Marijuana, so here's what happened: Turns out that 1,500 pounds of weed in plastic bags with a street value of 10 million Dollars were found in inside a vehicle and have been confiscated. They were sniffed out by a police dog and the dog is now considered somewhat of a national hero. Like he saved so many people. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Coke, heroin? METH!? Noo, nooo... please... WEED. That's the real bad guy here. I mean, even big-pharma opioids get more people hooked up and addicted and kill more people than weed, but a dog finds a crapton of weed and suddenly he's a big hero. Yeah, I get it. A stop has been put to some criminals doing illegal stuff. I get that. But the keyword here is "illegal". You can sell movies illegally. There ain't nothing wrong with the movie, they're just being sold illegally. Don't get swayed by the cute doggo on the photo, or impressed by the HUGE amount of Marijuana on screen. The real crime isn't the weed, it's the people selling and trafficking it illegally. So cut the crap and be objective... #JustSayin

Read more about it here:

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