Religious Zealots Boycott Cannabis Legalization in Mexico, Threaten Separation of Church And State

We've teased before about the legalization of weed in Mexico and it seemed so close that I could almost smell it. The weed, that is. But alas, Mexico is a very religious country that still sticks to the "old values". Which there's nothing wrong with, of course, but there's a place and time for everything and being a good citizen and good person and using Cannabis are not mutually exclusive.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also known affectionately as AMLO by his followers and the media has been meeting with religious groups, for a second time this month with a group of evangelical pastors to discuss a plan that would give the religious organization access to radio and TV channels to promote Christian morality, including a anti-drug campaigns.

This, by itself may not seem like a huge deal, but taking into account that López Obrador built his campaign on borderline-leftist and progressive promises, kind of raises a few red flags. The separation of church and state, for example, which has been a staple of Mexican politics since the late 1800's.

López Obrador also announced his government will distribute 8.5 million copies of a pamflet based on a text written in 1944 promoting a nation based on religious morals and the nuclear family, which, not to sound like a "progressive snowflake wannabe", but that's way too outdated for today's society. First of all leaves out LGBT people, outcasts people who aren't ready to get married, and single parents and other groups who aren't part of a nuclear family by choice. And then there's the whole religious angle, which might spell trouble for atheists and members of unconventional religions.

Although the promise of a potential legalization was teased earlier this year and a plan was apparently being woven to take the first steps, Marijuana is still illegal in Mexico despite a November Supreme Court ruling that its prohibition violates Mexicans’ constitutional right to develop their personality. In August, Senator Olga Sánchez Cordero proposed a bill that would legalize production, distribution, and consumption of recreational Marijuana, but instead of addressing the bill during the meeting between López Obrador and the pastors, she was tasked with seeing the logistics of the media campaign to promote Christian morality. Where this is all going is anyone's guess, but I am guessing Cannabis legalization in Mexico is not in a near future.


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