Replace Toiletries With Cannabis-Based Products

The bathroom is one of those places at home where we have the most amount of chemicals. Not only for cleaning but also for skin care and personal hygiene. Many of these chemicals we put on our skin or willingly ingest, to make our lives a tad better. To look and feel fresher and more beautiful. But of course all of it ends up taking a toll on us. Skin cancers, rashes and other such lesions end up appearing due to the prolonged use of some of these products. Some of them aren't even meant for human use or consumption. Did you know that Listerine was originally meant to be a floor cleaner? Or that using some brands of deodorant can cause skin cancer or Alzheimer's disease?

Provided, not all products, but the fact that some of them do that to you kinda makes you want to start looking for natural alternatives that don't make parts of you fall off. And there are many out there, from charcoal toothpaste to Mother of Pearl Cream and of course, Cannabis-based products. This, being a Cannabis-related Blog, we gonna focus on those here.

We've discussed previously the amazing benefits of THC and CBD, and both are present in many of these products, which aim not at getting you high but at rejuvenating and repairing your skin and making it smell amazing, without the other, cancer-causing, toxic ingredients.

You can read more about these products at

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