Scientists Discover Cannabis Preserves Brain From Aging!

Scientists and alchemists have been searching for the fountain of eternal youth since the dawn of human civilization. Let's face it, Folks, aging ain't cool. You get wrinkly, everything aches and life in general gets heavier and more difficult. But it's an unavoidable part of life. And there are tons of remedies already to keep your body young and good looking, but it's all useless if the good-ol' noggin ain't working properly. I'd rather be mentally sharp and looking like a prune than completely senile and looking like a 20 year old. In other words, it makes no sense if you can't enjoy it. And you most definitely can't enjoy a thing if you're brain dead. And that's where our old friend weed comes in.

As we've reported previously, Cannabis has been proven to help prevent and treat (to a certain degree) the effects of dementia and Alz-Heimer's disease, and prevent and reverse psychosis, but one new property scientists have discovered is that it can slow down aging in the brain.

Elderly mice treated with non-psychoactive doses of THC were shown to be able to navigate mazes just as well as young mice did, compared to the control group, who didn't take the substance. This appears to contradict the results of what happens if young mice take the drug; While younglings using Marijuana showed impaired memories and cognition, older specimens had the opposite effects, with boosted cognitive abilities and better memories, effectively rejuvenating their brains. This is because younger mice (and humans) have active endocannabinoid systems, so ingesting THC overstimulates it, causing it to malfunction, while older mice have declining endocannabinoid activity, so the extra boost from the reefer fairy helps it go back to optimum levels. More research has to be done on the subject, but these findings already look promising!

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