Senate Approves Medical Cannabis In Alabama

The south states have been historically more resistant to accepting Weed in any way, shape or form, which makes any form of legalization in that area of the US a particularly sweet victory. Especially if we are talking about medical Marijuana. You know, 'cause you can go without recreational, but medical Cannabis can be indispensable for some patients.

Early on Thursday morning, the senate approved HB-243, also known as the CARE act, which was introduced by Republican State Representative Mike Ball in March, and co-sponsored by a bi-partisan group of 20 legislators. The CARE act would establish a list of qualifying conditions for individuals seeking Cannabis treatment, as well as a governmental agency to regulate the program.

“It’s not a Republican or Democrat issue to me, It’s a patient issue. And when you’ve got patients out there that have certain medical conditions that they could benefit from it, I think it’s time to give them the opportunity to participate in it.”
Senator Tim Melson said during floor debate of the measure on Wednesday.

The discussion of the proposal was mostly an exchange between Tim Melso and Senator Larry Stutts; a Republican and obstetrician/gynecologist who opposed the proposal because of insufficient medical research supporting Cannabis as a suitable medicine. Which, I am guessing he probably has never seen any CBD products in the market to treat menopause and menstrual pains...

The executive director of the Alabama Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics expressed opposition for the measure during public hearings, while a University of Alabama neurology professor spoke in favor and cited a study of Marijuana's effects on the symptoms of epilepsy.

Now that the bill was passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and has the Senate's approval, it'll go to Alabama's House of Representatives.

This bill would establish the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission as the regulatory body for the medical marijuana program and that agency would be in charge of managing the patient registry, and oversee licenses for growers, processors, transporters, manufacturers, and dispensaries.

Although it may seem like a tiny step in the grand scale of things and it's only medical Marijuana with an ass-ton of terms and conditions, the fact that this is happening in the south, where historically weed has been vehemently frowned upon, makes it a bigger deal than you think. Because if Alabama or Florida can get over this idiotic ban, imagine the possibilities in more liberal states!

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