Sign The Petition To Stop Facebook From Censoring Cannabis Content

We reported earlier this year how the three main social media giants censor content and suspend or terminate accounts related to Cannabis and how that is really unfair. This censorship hurts many people who use medical Marijuana or run a legal Cannabusiness.

So a group of people got together and decided to put an end to all this nonsense and collect signatures to let Facebook know that it's not cool. That Cannabis users, whether recreational, medical or casual have a voice and deserve to be heard and share information. Just like people who use prescription meds or even alcohol groups, which in my opinion are far more damaging than weed.

Now, let me reiterate that this Blog does not advocate illegal activities. We do not support illegal drug traffic nor spam. We also don't promote the use of of Cannabis, but encourage you to do your own research and decide for yourself, always upholding the law, whether fair or unfair. Not for the sake of being just another sheep cinder block in this society, but because we care about your well-being and would hate to see you or any loved one arrested or fined due to illegal activities.

That said, I believe that Facebook and other social media platforms unjustly bash on Cannabis-related accounts based purely on the social stigma that comes with Marijuana. Despite the fact that it's proven over and over again that weed isn't even close to dangerous, compared to opioids, prescription drugs and even alcohol and tobacco and actually the benefits surpass the drawbacks.

It's not only censorship either. Sometimes your post or content might be randomly deleted because it "violates" the terms and conditions, sometimes your entire account might be deleted or banned altogether. but what really takes the cake is the shadow-bans. Which basically they prevent your content from being seen by anyone and you just keep posting like an idiot, but nobody sees it and this is super-damaging to legal Cannabusinesses, advocacy groups, medical Marijuana groups and caregivers, who rely on these platforms to spread the word about their work, product or information.

You can check out and sign the petition here:

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