South Korea Legalizes Medical Cannabis, Becomes First Country In East Asia To Do So

Another triumph for the Cannabis community, this time in South Korea, where medical Cannabis was legalized, becoming the first country in East Asia to legalize medical Cannabis. And need I remind you, that this happened mere months after the legalization in Canada and the prospect of legalization in Mexico.

This, of course, is a huge step for Asia, since that particular stretch of land has one of the harshest anti-Marijuana laws on the planet. Some countries like China even have death penalty attached to it. Even tho now legalized for medical use, South Koreans face 5 years of jail or a 100,000 million Korean Won fine (around $88,000) for the possession, purchase or sale of weed, which makes you realize of the sheer scale of this huge step for them. At least they are acknowledging Cannabis has some medical value and that's what matters. That's a foot in the door, in my humble opinion. Because you can't say "Marijuana is bad" after there's a million cases of successful treatments with no overdoses and no awful side effects, especially compared to legal drugs like Opioids, which claim millions of lives worldwide each year.

As a bottom line, despite this medical Cannabis legalization, South Korea still has very harsh laws in regards to this plant, even buying, selling or possessing it abroad, in countries where it's legal, can grant them jail time or a massive fine. Still, this is a huge step for them in the right direction. Hopefully South Korean authorities will see the potential benefits of fully legalizing weed.


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