Study Shows That Cannabis Users Are More Resistant To Anesthetics

If you are terrified of going to the dentist, you're not alone, many people are, however, knowing that anesthesia might kick in a bit late, not fully kick in or, in the worst case scenario, not kick in at all, might be a bit of a deterrent.

In a new [small] study by researchers at Community Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado, which was published on Monday in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, results show that if you are a regular Cannabis user, you might be particularly resistant to anesthesia! And no, dear reader, that's not a good thing, like being fire-resistant or being resistant to puncturing wounds. What this ability grants you is pain. A lot of it.

This anomaly has nothing to do with the recent legalization of Marijuana in several states, researchers point out, but with the widespread use of Cannabis and its derivates and willingness of patients to admit they use it or have used it in the past, medical Doctors have had the chance to gather a whole lot more data than in the past, coming from 250 patients who had undergone endoscopic procedures during 2016 and 2017. The physicians reviewed the amount of three anesthetic drugs used during these procedures; Fentanyl, Midazola and Propofol

“Researchers found that compared with people who did not regularly use cannabis, people who regularly used cannabis required an amount of sedation for endoscopic procedures that was significantly higher,”

The patients that used weed on a daily or weekly basis needed on average 14% more Fentanyl, 20% more Midazolam, 220% more Propofol to reach optimum levels of sedation. The difference was so significant that the authors of the research recommended anesthesiologists discussing the use of Cannabis with the patients before administering the drugs and pointed out that the field of anesthetics and sedatives required further research due to the recent legalization of Marijuana.

All that said, the results, do not feature a sample size big enough to draw any solid conclusions. Moreover, as it is, different people require different doses and this, coupled with the use of Cannabis, skews the results even more. It's not an exact science yet and the doses so far are at best subjective. And all of this is not even counting everything else these patients ingest or fail to ingest.

"Some people who use marijuana also take other drugs recreationally. Even if you give someone propofol for a long time, they get a little tolerant to it, but not by 200 percent,”
-One of the researches pointed out.

All in all, the results, although inconclusive, show there's something going on so whether you like it or not, you might want to mention your weed-smoking habits to your physician before sedation, just in case if you want to avoid the extra pain.

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