Surgeon General Ignores Evidence On Medicinal Cannabis

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

By now we've not only established some of the key benefits and properties of Medicinal Cannabis, but we've showed the evidence behind it. Study after study, we've scientifically demonstrated that Cannabis can indeed help with many ailments and can in fact replace opiates for a wide variety of uses. Yet there are still skeptic folks that completely ignore all that evidence and choose to think that NO, opiates are irreplaceable. Such is the case of

Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who thinks that:

“We know that exposing the developing brain to marijuana can prime the brain to addiction and have potential negative consequences including promoting cancer”
-Surgeon General Jerome Adams

That is a direct quote from Mr. Adams, showing the same level of ignorance as Attorney General Jeff Sessions. You'd think he'd know a whole lot more about it but Mr. Adams remains skeptical that medical marijuana is an acceptable alternative to opioids, which is sad and regrettable.

Unlike Sessions, though, Adams did acknowledge that there might be something to it and that more studies are necessary to prove the worth of medical Cannabis. Which in my humble opinion is absolutely fantastic because we're not shutting that door. We KNOW this plant can do so much good and given the opportunity it can prove it and eventually will, so giving it the opportunity to do it in the first place is the first step, even if for now you decide to remain skeptical.

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