Synthetic Cannabinoids Found In Counterfeit CBD

They say you learn something new everyday, and today I learned that CBD is in fact psycho-active, despite being called non-psyco-active all the time. And makes sense, a psycho-active drug alters mental processes and behaviors in one way or another, by definition Cannabidiol IS psycho-active. What it does not do is give you hallucinations, make you 'high' or otherwise impede judgement in any way. I take it, and I know for a fact that you can't even feel the effects. You just stop being anxious out of the blue. So it should come as no surprise to you that people got hella shocked when they took CBD and got high as shit on it. Which is what happened to an anonymous Virginia Commonwealth University graduate student after vaping CBD oil made by a company called Diamond CBD. Turns out his 'CBD' was heavily laced with synthetic Cannabinoids. After awkwardly tripping balls for awhile, this person went down to the school-s forensic toxicologists with a sample of this crap and after a few tests, they determined he wasn't vaping what he thought he was vaping. His case is not isolated. Turns out more than 100 U.S. service members have been hospitalized with hallucinations after vaping products containing this 'CBD oil' substance. The thing is, these symptoms are not consistent with CBD or even Marijuana. In fact, they sound more like those of a drug called Spice, similar to K2, this synthetic Cannabinoid is commonly referred as 'synthetic Marijuana'. Except calling it 'Marijuana' is kind of an insult to the real deal. You can learn more about synthetic Cannabinoids HERE.

Toxicologists tested other products made by Diamond CBD, four out of nine of the tested products contained a compound called 5F-ADB, a synthetic Cannabinoid with zero therapeutic potential. Unless by 'therapeutic' you mean convulsions, heavy hallucinations, psychosis and death. That's a hell of a therapy, if you ask me. As a side-note, Diamond CBD also makes CBD for pets, we already know how dangerous can Cannabinoids be for pets if used improperly, this synthetic crap must be deadly for them!

It is unknown if this counterfeit CBD was factory-bottled or if the packages were opened or otherwise tampered with between the factory and the stores, so if you are a regular CBD user, always read the label, check the seals aren't broken and buy ONLY from reputable brands.


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