Synthetic Cannabis Overdoses Reported In Alabama

Just when I thought we were done with this, a bunch of people in northern Alabama overdose on Synthetic weed! Now, if you are not a stranger to Cannijuana Friends, perhaps you know how much we hate synthetic Marijuana here. Both, because it actually harms people and because it gives weed a bad name and hearing about this pissed us off beyond measure, because apparently a lot of cases have been reported in the northern part of Alabama. And I hate to use the words "a lot" and "a bunch" but exact numbers have not been made public yet, so how many exactly is anyone's guess at this point.

“We have begun to notice a disturbing trend through our crime intelligence networks of overdoses related to synthetic marijuana in our district,” Town said. “Today we are joining together with our law enforcement partners to warn the public that the use of any synthetic illicit narcotic, such as synthetic marijuana, fentanyl, and other opioids, could result in fatal overdose by the user.”
DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Clay Morris, and Northern District U.S. Attorney, Jay Town, issued a statement last week

In a roughly two month period, in 2015, more than 900 people have visited the E.R., 196 of which were hospitalized and 5 of them died as a result of complications related to the consumption of this drug. Which is far more than the 89 in Illinois and the 55 from DC combined we've reported previously, which I thought was an unbeatable number and already enough.

It is clear that opportunist scum is trying to take advantage of the Cannabis gold rush sweeping the nation and preying on people who don't know any better. Weed is legal, so more people than ever wants to know what it's all about and many fall victim of these counterfeit crap. If you want to learn more about Synthetic Marijuana and how dangerous it really is, please read the post we published about it HERE, I cannot stress how noxious that crap is and how damaging it can be to your system, so do not take my warning lightly. Just because it partially shares the name with Cannabis, doesn't mean it's as harmless as the real thing. Make no mistake, this thing WILL kill you. Stay the hell away from it at all costs!

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