Synthetic Marijuana Kills 2 People, 89 More Hospitalized

Remember back when we used to joke about the lethality of Cannabis? "Oh that guy snorted too many Marijuanas and overdosed!" we used to say, followed by heartfelt laughter. That shit was funny. And now it's not. You know why it's not funny anymore? 'Cause it happened. And no, not with real, natural weed. It's that synthetic crap Pig Pharma makes.

See, that's the problem. 'Cause people overdose on synthetic Marijuana, and suddenly everyone blames Cannabis as a substance, generalizing. Not only does it harm people, it gives the natural, healthy version a bad name. And idiots like Jeff Sessions take the opportunity to say "See? I TOLD YOU IT WAS DANGEROUS!" and that's what stings. They make a synthetic, counterfeit version, which is addictive, dangerous and straight-up awful and some people don't know any better. And Pig Pharma advertises it as the real deal. They're like Chinese counterfeiters, except worse. 'Cause instead of selling you Mike shoes or Rulex watches, they sell you poison that makes you bleed from every orifice and calls it "medicine". Remember, people: Stay informed, stay wise, STAY SAFE. Don't just swallow the pills, do your due research.

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