That One Time That Elon Musk Smoked Weed Is Still Haunting Him

Have you ever had weed ruin your career? Or your life? If not, maybe your name isn't Elon Musk 'cause the amount of flack this man is getting for that one time he held a doobie and gave it a couple of hits is beyond retarded. And look, I am not saying here that Marijuana will ruin your life or career, obviously regardless of weed (or any other substance for that matter), you are responsible for your own actions, what I'm saying here is that Cannabis is such a huge social taboo and deviation from the social norm that just being associated in ANY way to it can can get you into a whole mess of trouble that maybe isn't really justified. An example is that the shares Tesla Motors dropped after his weed-Smoking incident during Musk's appearance on "The Joe Rogan Experience", or most recently NASA over-scrutinizing SpaceX, stating that their assessment will be "pretty invasive". All over a joint.

And NASA, I get that you don't want to do business with a junkie, but if anything, Cannabis does not incapacitate users like alcohol, for example and it's been shown that weed smokers can perform just as well as a person who is not smoking weed but regardless, Tesla Motors and Space X have been around for awhile now. If Elon Musk had a "problem" it would've shown already and truth be told, these are all incredibly successful companies. A junkie can't manage his life, much less a multi-billion dollar company. Musk isn't it. He clearly knows what he's doing, whether he is smoking weed or not. Just look at the results; The Hyper-Loop, Tesla Motors, The Boring Company, Space X, PAYPAL... If anything, it makes me want to smoke MORE weed myself to be as successful. And if you look at it objectively, IT WAS A FREAKING HIT!!! Get over it! He's a CEO. He gets to do that. The man smoked Cannabis once and he's still the head o several successful companies, NASA had the Challenger and Columbia disasters, which didn't involve weed in any way, shape or form. People actually died in these incidents, so I guess a guy smoking a joint once shouldn't be that much of a problem. #JustSaying. Stop discriminating and look at the results.

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