The Miracle Plant: Hemp And Its Many Uses

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Why should Hemp be in any way important to you? Well, let me tell you, dear reader. For years we've been using and abusing mother nature more and more as Earth's population kept on growing. The more people were living on this rock, the more we've been needing the natural resources to sustain those populations and it has come to a point where said natural resources have been becoming unsustainable. We need to start working smarter and not harder.

I'll give you an example: See those magazines on the table? Or the newspaper uncle Johnny is reading? Or that brochure you just tossed into the garbage? The cardboard box your cereal comes in? It's all made out of wood pulp and just so you can have those things that you usually end up trashing, an entire tree has been cut down and processed. Another one just like it takes 50 years to regrow and we are cutting them down faster than we can replace them and at this rate there won't be any more tree!

And this applies also to housing. The WOOD beams are also made out of WOOD. So is the furniture inside. And suppose you have an unlimited supply of trees. We won't run out of them any time soon. It still takes a ton of resources to process and transport all this wood. Trees are massive!

At this point you must be wishing there was an easier and more sustainable way to do all this and luckily there is; Hemp.

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant species, mostly grown for industrial purposes because it's one of the world's lowest maintenance and fastest growing plants. It's cheap, it's versatile and it's... Illegal..? Yes. Sadly, that too.

This miracle plant not only can be used in furniture, housing and paper. Its extracts can be used for medicines, essential oils, body care products and other nutritional supplements. It can be used to make fabrics and textiles, animal bedding and feed and even PLASTICS! HOLY. SH*T! You can literally re-start civilization with just THIS plant! Seriously! I am confident they'll find a way to make hemp circuits, mark my words!

Anyway. In all seriousness, this plant is illegal. WHY? I don't know. It's not even like you can get too high off it; It has lower concentrations of THC than cannabis so it's worthless for trippy purposes compared to Marijuana.

Take some time to read more about hemp and see what you can do to get involved in getting this amazing plant decriminalized and legalized worldwide.

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