The War Against Pig Pharma: It Can't Beat Us... But The War Isn't Over.

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

After hearing about the legalization of Cannabis in several places, we are witnessing how this nasty knot is finally starting to come apart and unravel. And as Marijuana is legalized in more and more places, we are starting to see how Pig Pharma is retreating and beginning to lose its grip on us, but let's not declare this a victory just yet. Even tho a battle has been won, the war is still going. And I am pretty sure Pig Pharma is going to want to shove its dirty hand into it and try to sell you some synthetic version of the real deal. We've already talked about this synthetic versions and how they are NOTHING like the real thing. So if you're going to go ahead and buy this crap, it is better to inform yourself on WHAT it actually is, what it does to you and its potential side-effects.

Pig Pharma always likes to mask their stuff as the safest alternative. A harmless option that will cure you. It may be so for some of their products. Some things can be pretty good, God knows I've used many of their patents to treat my own illnesses so it would be pretty hypocrite of me to just say "Don't ever buy from Pig Pharma". It would ALSO be very irresponsible. What I am saying is don't just swallow the pills mindlessly. Research what the side-effects are, do your own research and then ask for a second opinion, and if that's the better option, then that's the better option.

In my own personal experience, the doctor once prescribed Paroxetine for my depression, I am not gonna write all the side-effects here 'cause they're a lot, but if you're interested, here they are:

If you went through that list, you'll see why I chose NOT to take it. Instead, I went with a natural alternative. It worked and, I feel better and I have no side effects at all. I don't want to sway your opinion either way, so I won't advertise nor analyze here what I'm taking, my point with this post is not to push something to you, I want you to DO YOUR DUE RESEARCH before putting any poison inside you. Be responsible. Sometimes chemicals are needed, just make sure they're not prescribing those chemicals to you for the sake of prescribing.

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