There's Still Hope!: Net Neutrality Repeal Gets Lawsuits

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Net Neutrality is a topic that has been coming up in the news a lot lately, it's been trivialized and made to look minuscule and unimportant, even sometimes disguised as something else entirely with deceiving names. Most people don't even know what it really means or entails. So it comes as no surprise why not many people really care whether it is repealed or not. Why should you care? I'll tell you why: Without it, your Internet is useless. First of all, you can kiss goodbye your freedom of speech online, but second, imagine getting your Internet history scrutinized, reviewed and itemized so you can get charged accordingly for the sites you visit. Imagine turning the infinite possibility and impossibility of the Internet at the tip of your fingers into a shitty cable package with HBO and FOX and all that other useless garbage that they want you to watch. Do I have your attention now?

First of all, What is Net Neutrality Even?

I suppose by now I piqued your curiosity. What IS Net Neutrality? Well, the name says it all. It means that everything on the Internet is neutral. There's no bigger or smaller or better or worse. It's all the same and it's treated equally. It means that a humble news blog has the same chance to succeed as CNN's website.

So, let me ask you something: Have you spent time on YouTube lately? Have you noticed how the homepage is now plagued with famous faces that have nothing to do with YouTube? Personalities like Jimmy Kimmel, Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler... is that what you go to YouTube for? I mean, if I want to see THEM, I go watch TV or a movie. I go to YouTube to watch those quirky nobodies with awesome content that I would otherwise never find on TV. No sponsors or executives telling them how to behave or what to post, no boards of suits who control what you watch... well... It used to be that way, anyway. If you've been going to YouTube from the beginning, it kinda hurts to slowly watch it turn into this TV2.0.

Slowly but surely, those small channels are getting buried under a barrage of content that pays more and pays better, but you end up watching glorified garbage because it makes YouTube more money and without Net Neutrality, that's soon going to be the entire Internet. You may think it doesn't affect you at first, 'cause these are all nobodies that you would not easily find anyways, but eventually it'll hit where it hurts, trust me. One day, you'll wake up and try to access your favorite Blog and it'll be slow as shit while FOX's "How To Properly Blow Emperor Trump Tutorial" will be magically faster.

Ever wanted to start an Internet business? Yeah, no. That's not gonna sail without Net Neutrality. You are going to have to give the Internet Overlords a big fat wad of cash to catapult your poor website to page one, and then another big, fat sack of cash so it's not slowed down beyond navigability.

It's gotta be bribes, right?

OF COURSE IT'S BRIBES! What are you nuts? Of course there were bribes involved! Why would you even think otherwise!? Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and most importantly Sinclair Broadcasting Group have been at it since forever. And remember this asshole, Ajit Pai? Yeah, he's the one they finally got in their pocket to help repeal Net Neutrality from the inside. Want proof?

And so, it was ruled that the days of the free Internet were over... Or were they? Fortunately, it's not the end of the story and not all hope is lost.

But... Isn't It Dead Already?

Not officially, no. June 11th is the date when it'll be official, but the verdict is out. In other words the free net's days are numbered.

Like I said, not all is lost, a bunch of lawsuits have been filed to fight the repeal, calling it “arbitrary and capricious”.

A lot of people are criticizing the FCC for such a decision and quite honestly, more people would, if it wasn't because this whole Net Neutrality ordeal carries a dangerous tag with it; "Obama Era Regulation". It's not so much that Net Neutrality is good or bad. It's an "Obama Era Regulation" and as such it must be repealed and it must be obliterated and it must be destroyed, 'cause a bunch of mental midgets can't stand that it carries his name. That's it really. It blows my mind how many people are willing to shoot themselves in the ass just 'cause they hate this freaking guy.

Look, I don't care whether you like the guy or not, but at least look at it from an objective point of view. The Net Neutrality repeal affects us all. It's not about Obama, it's not about Trump, it's about freedom of speech. It's about freedom to surf the net. It's about not getting charged absurd fees for every bit of information you download, depending where you download it. They already got you by the balls with the phone companies and the cable packages, if they get you for the Internet, too, that's on you.

There's still something you can do. Educate yourself, do your research, Contact your local representative, call your elected officials in Congress, let them know this will not stand! Educate them about this matter. 'Cause today it's the Internet, but what other freedoms are you gonna let them take away from you tomorrow?

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