Trump Borderline Plagiarizes Hillary Clinton's Campaign Slogan, Lies About Wall To Get Traction

Persisting with this whole ill-conceived border wall narrative he jump-started his presidential race with, president Trump continues to force this wall down our throats despite the fact that most Americans now oppose it. Yet he still wants to sell it to the American people. And to this end, he will lie, deceive and occasionally boycott just to get his way.

In fact, during his first campaign rally of 2019 in El Paso, Texas, he changed his campaign slogan to "Finish that wall", rather than "Build that wall". Stating that part of the wall has already been built and it just needs to be finished. The problem with this statement is that it's false. There's no wall being built. Not at the moment of the statement anyway. According to the New York Times, there were 654 miles of barriers along the U.S./Mexico border and there are still 654 miles of barriers along that same border. That wall is in fact only being repaired. Yes, repaired. There already was a wall in place in that particular stretch of border that was falling apart and in dire need of maintenance which Trump's workers provided, however no new sections have been built. Calling into question his statement: “You really mean ‘finish that wall, because we’ve built a lot of it already.” in response to a crowd chanting “Build that wall”.

His other slogan during this rally? "We’re only getting stronger together". Which technically is another lie, 'cause more and more people are realizing this guy is either completely insane or otherwise mentally ill in light of all the mistakes and "oopsies" he made so far. But we'll give him that one, 'cause he obviously still has supporters. The real problem with this last slogan is that it sounds suspiciously a lot like Hillary Clinton's "Stronger Together" campaign slogan. Did I mention she based her entire campaign around that phrase? And wrote a book with the same name? Not to mention that his "We’re only getting stronger together" slogan probably only applies to his supporters and not really to the American people in general or whoever opposes him, for that matter, so not really "getting stronger together" but rather, "polarizing the American people every step of the way".

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