Trump Claims Wind Turbines Cause Cancer

Alright children, gather around the warm glow of your screens, because I am about to impart you another kernel of wisdom from our President, Donald Trump: The sound from wind turbines causes cancer... Or so Trump said in a speech to House Republicans at a National Republican Congressional Committee event Tuesday night. [Spoiler Alert: IT FLIPPING DOESN'T.] This comment was part of his long-standing feud against renewable power sources and fair enough, some of his points against wind turbines are "valid". They do kill birds, for example but then again, coal plant chimneys do, too and I'd say quite a few more than wind turbines. They stop producing power when the wind is not blowing, and that's fair too, but you actually store that power in batteries while the wind is not blowing and use them in conjunction with solar power. Again, both very valid points. Another one is that wind turbines are noisy. And they are, but at the same time, they are usually in the middle of nowhere, so very few people are inconvenienced by the noise. So far, so good, but then he says they cause cancer and while the other points are somewhat sound and logical, although stretching the truth a little bit, this one is a complete oxymoron with no grounds whatsoever in real science.

The theory is an old one and it's been disproved. It's up there with Phrenology and hollow/flat Earth theory, which no doubt the President probably believes in, too.

What the President is referring to, is that these wind turbines produce a low frequency sound called infra-sound and according to a Russian-French scientist named Vladimir Gavreau, these infrasonic waves are hazardous for your health. His studies were later fact-checked and debunked by many scientists, claiming that Gavreau's results were skewed because the volume at which he blasted the sound waves were going to be harmful, regardless of frequency. In other words, it was the ear-raping volumes doing the damage, not the frequency. Moreover, Gavreau mentions cancers NOWHERE in his research, that's something Trump added to make it sound worse, which now leads us to the billion-dollar question: WHY!? Why would the president lie about it? And the answer is simple: Big Coal. Ever since the beginning of his campaign, he's been in the pocket of Big Coal. But then again, we need a whole entire post to explore his ties with the coal industry. Leave a comment down below or comment in our social media pages if you want us to go in depth about Trump and Big Coal or want to learn more about the myths and truths of renewable energy.

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