Trump Has Freudian Slip During National Prayer Breakfast: He's Glad About Abolition of Civil Rights

Every time I start to believe he's alright, maybe he's not that bad. Every single time I try to justify his stupidity with a "He certainly he can't be THAT dumb!", he pulls out another one. It's uncanny! Look, I really want to give credit to the man and his supporters, but come on! You know I try to praise him whenever he does something right, however rare that is, but this is why he's so heavily criticized on this Blog. And this time he's just went the whole nine yards, saying that one of America's greatest accomplishments is the “abolition of civil rights” during the National Prayer Breakfast. And I know it's so stupid that it's hard to believe, so I am going to have to show you some evidence:

And look, we all make mistakes. We're all human. But he makes way too many to have the I.Q. he claims to have, and way too many to be in a position of power such as the one he currently holds. If I wanted an idiot for a president I'd vote for myself. Don't know if I'd be able to do a better job, but certainly as bad as his. But then again, essential medicines are more expensive everyday, banks rule supreme, Guantanamo Bay still operating and the US keeps bombing 3rd world countries for Oil and resources under the guise of "freedom", I think this might be just a Freudian slip and not just good ol' stupidity, 'cause it is starting to look a lot like civil rights are slowly being abolished.

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