Trump's America Is Starting To Look a Lot Like Hitler's Germany

Have you ever had to defend yourself from a frail 92 year old grandpa? Yeah me neither. But apparently these midget-brains thought it would be a great idea to beat a 92 year old to a pulp with a brick just because he's Hispanic and "takes their jobs". Which, no he doesn't. He can barely walk, let alone work. But that's all this whole situation really boils down to; Idiotic Xenophobia that degenerates into senseless violence. It started off as a political campaign and now this whole thing is devolving into some racist-ass, violent, nationalist bullshit. This is the kind of behavior that you'd expect from Nazi Germany, but not America. What's next!? Are we gonna put the immigrants in concentration camps? Gas them? Bury them in mass graves? Where does this insanity stop?

Look, I get that it's frustrating to the jobs getting stolen by foreigners, but then again, if a foreigner with no contacts, who barely speaks the language can steal your job, then maybe there's something wrong with the system; You either didn't want the job in the first place or simply wanted to be paid more, but then again that's not the immigrant's fault. Wanna blame someone? Blame lazy people and greedy employers. Wanna make America great again? The change starts within. There's no easy solution to the migrant crisis. Definitely not beating 92 year old grandpas with a brick or putting toddlers through a trial with no legal representation.

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