Trump Uses Fearmongering And Lies On TV To Sway Public Opinion To Build The Border Wall

As we explored in a previous post, a government shutdown that has been in effect now for 18 days was enforced because president Donald Trump didn't get his way constructing a border wall that would cost an excess of 21.6 billion Dollars. That's BILLIONS with a "B". Regardless of high costs, this shutdown has been impacting several unintended targets. Namely his very own supporters.

The border wall project was an ill-conceived idea from the beginning and one of the cornerstones of Trump's presidential campaign. It was founded on racism, ignorance and xenophobia, to build a good-for-nothing structure along the Mexican-American border, that would still not solve the immigrant crisis. I mean, to be fair there's still sea and air, plus ladders and ropes to circumvent the wall. Having it surveilled every 10 miles, is impractical, not to mention that maintaining such a wall would cost a fortune over the coming years, so effectively this is pretty much a white elephant.

white el·e·phant
/ˌ(h)wīd ˈeləfənt/ noun A possession that is useless or troublesome, especially one that is expensive to maintain or difficult to dispose of. "a huge white elephant of a house that needed ten thousand spent on it"

But do we really need it? Do we really REALLY need it? Are things that bad? Well, turns out not quite.

On Tuesday night, president Trump delivered an address broadcast live on several networks to the nation, warning about an illegal immigrant crisis and waving a bunch of "facts" in our faces, basically trying to scare people into funding this wall, saying that the only solution to this crisis was to build this proverbial white elephant. The catch is that these "facts" are nothing but a bunch of falsehoods, exaggerations and fearmongering tactics.

Facts like "Criminals are pouring into the United States, unabated", "The wall will stop drugs from pouring into the country" and "Thousands of terrorists are coming into the country through the U.S.-Mexico border" have ALL been proven objectively false and over-blown to sell this border wall, which people aren't buying, ergo the shutdown.

And the problem here is not the political correctness, "those libtards", nor the Democrats. The problem is that money is going to be spent on a project that solves nothing and leads nowhere. I don't know what the real solution is, I'm just a cartoonist and writer. Truth is that this is a complex, multi-factorial problem and building a wall seems like just slapping a bandaid on a cracked dam.

You can read more about this at and and read all the false facts by yourself:

And in case you wanted a counter to see how long has this been going for:

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