Venezuelan President Survives Assasination Attempt by Drones

So turns out a mysterious drone bombed the military event Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela was giving a speech at and even tho El Presidente escaped the attempt on his life unscathed he's pretty pissed. I would be too. Pissed off and pissed. Like soaking-wet pissed. Maduro blames the assassination attempt on Colombia and the US but so far no party has claimed responsibility for it. Which, if it was the US. at this point, I am waaaay past "Dude WTF, I thought we agreed not to murder that psychopath!!!". I don't even know what to call what I feel right now. 'Cause see, here's what's gonna happen: Venezuela is going to play victim, other countries who already were looking for an excuse to pick a fight with the US are going to suddenly jump in defense of Venezuela and it all just gonna be a huge mess. So at this point I am beyond words. We'll be lucky if WWIII doesn't break out!

Now, that said. I want to give POTUS dearest the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he doesn't have an extra chromosome. Maybe it wasn't him. But... then who? I don't know honestly. It's not like Nicolas Maduro didn't have it coming. I mean, the man is a huge turd of a human being to be quite frank with you. The whole country is starving while he's dining on caviar. That's how bad it is. You thought Trump was bad? This guy is the Jeffrey Dahmer of presidents, seriously. His own people hate his guts, so it's not out of the question that this was just an act of domestic terrorism and they blamed it on American drones.

The whole situation is just iffy. What do you guys think?

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