Veterans Using Cannabis, Now Protected By New Bill

One of the groups most vulnerable to chronic pains, anxiety and depression are war veterans, it is also one of the groups most vulnerable to addictions. Addictions that help them cope with all the aforementioned crap, unfortunately gathered from war. For many years these brave men and women have been forced to use Opioids to deal with the pain, anxiety and depression, but as Cannabis became more available and proved to be, not only a suitable replacement for Opioids, but also healthier, safer and less addictive, a significant portion of them began using medical Marijuana instead and then everyone lived happily ever after. I'm kidding, they all got into trouble and some even ended up in jail. Sadly, the Schedule I status of the drug and its social stigma is not an easy barrier to overcome. VA doctors were not allowed to recommend medical Cannabis, and getting into a medical Marijuana program was extremely difficult, something had to be done, which is why a new bill has been introduced that could protect veterans using medical Marijuana. And while medical Cannabis is not yet part of the VA’s offerings, the bill protects veterans if they choose to use to go that route. Here's what it covers:

  • Ensure that veterans in weed-legal states will never lose federal benefits for consuming cannabis. Importantly, this rule would apply to future legislation and administrations.

  • The measure would allow VA doctors to discuss medical marijuana with their patients.

  • Similarly, VA doctors would be allowed to recommend medical marijuana to patients.

  • Make it possible for VA doctors to adjust treatment plans to include and account for medical marijuana.

  • Allow VA physicians to record medical marijuana consumption in their patients’ medical records.

What this means is that the new bill guarantees that veterans can never be stripped of their VA benefits for using medical Cannabis and at the end of the day, that's a battle won.

As you remember, we've addressed this topic here before, with the first FDA-approved trial of Cannabis for veterans with PTSD, which showed conclusively that weed is way more efficient than Opioids at treating pain, anxiety and depression, and despite this, the Department of Veterans Affairs prohibits the use of Cannabis to treat post traumatic stress disorder and its usage can lead to severe sanctions for the veterans using it for treatment. It is good to know that this new bill will give protection to those who choose to go down this road.

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