Visine or Clear Eyes? Neither. They Both Can Leave You Blind!

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

If you smoke weed, or work late hours behind a computer screen, chances are your eyes get dry pretty often and you end up behind a drugstore counter asking yourself “Visine or Clear Eyes?” Well, the answer is neither, they both can [eventually] leave you blind as a mole. Now, that is a bold claim, so let me explain before you call me crazy; The way that Visine works is by “shrinking” the blood vessels in your eyes to make them appear less red, it contains a bunch of other crap that'll generally help you deal with the redness and irritation, but the main ingredient we gonna focus on here is Tetrahydrozoline Hydrochloride. Clear Eyes, on the other hand, contains Naphazoline to the same effect. They're both vasoconstrictors, which means they constrict the eye's superficial blood vessels, effectively making the eye appear less red. This of course is just a temporary fix that soon wears off. This is what eye doctors call “rebound redness”. Now, what's wrong with this picture is that you have blood vessels in there for a very good reason; To keep those tissues oxygenated with fresh blood, which they need to keep those cells alive. Less oxygen means more dead cells, more dead cells means crappy eyes. And here's where the vicious circle begins: If your eyes do not feel well you keep using those damn eye drops on them, which in turn screws your eyes up even further and in some cases it can lead to permanent loss of vision. And of course, to top it all up, Tetrahydrozoline Hydrochloride and Naphazoline come with their own long list of adverse effects, which borders poison. Some other alternatives (not mentioned here) sold as remedies for eye redness contain Corticosteroids such as Dexamethasone, which is used to reduce the swelling, but it can cause Glaucoma and subsequently permanent loss of vision due to prolongued use. So when it comes to eye dryness, neither Visine or Clear Eyes are good alternatives, so what is? Well, for starters artificial tears. These only supplement the naturally-occurring lubricants in your eye without messing with anything else. You know, if it ain't broken it doesn't need fixing. Another option is to stay hydrated so your body has naturally-occurring fluids to lubricate your eyeball with. Warm compresses is another option. Simply put warm water compresses over your closed eyelids to soften your lacrimal glands and this should keep the eyes lubricated. The drawback of this method tho, is that you do have to keep the compresses there for awhile and they have to be at a constant temperature for this to work and this might be a pain in the balls to try, especially for practical purposes. Then again, I'd try THIS over chemical crap that might leave me eventually blind. Was this article helpful to you? Were you using Visine or Clear Eyes this whole time without knowing? Let us know in the comments!

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