Vitamin B17 And Cancer: Can it Cure it?

Also known as Laetrile or Amygalin, this vitamin has been at the center of a debate that has been going for DECADES now. But, what is the deal between B17 and cancer? Can it or can it not cure it? Evidence is slowly piling up, but just like with other natural remedies and plant-based medicines, this potent Vitamin is frowned upon by mainstream science and detested by the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry. And if there's one thing Big Pharma hates it's competition. That and natural remedies. Why? 'Cause f*** sick people. That's why. Who cares how much they spend on cancer meds to save a life, right? As long as it lines the pockets of big companies, it's all the same for Pig Pharma.

But what if I told you that it's not the case anymore? What if I told you that there are natural alternatives. Cheap alternatives. May not treat all types of cancer, but treating a few is already a battle won. Cannabis has been proven to treat cancer as it has been legalized. A doctor proposing to use Marijuana as a treatment is no longer a lunatic and that is partly due to the legalization of weed, however, with Vitamin B17, the thing is not illegal perse. It's something worse. It's almost an urban legend.

B17 and Cancer

For me to present this substance, this Vitamin as a miraculous cure for cancer would be irresponsible. Truth is, there isn't enough hard evidence to sustain this claim, but there is evidence nonetheless. So how does it all work?

Firstly, Laetrile and Amygalin, even tho they refer to the same compound; Vitamin B17, they are not the same thing. Laetrile is the synthetic, lab-made version. And as we've seen with synthetic crap, it's usually not as good as the real stuff.

Second, the clinical trials on this substance are a bit iffy. There isn't enough of them, the few doctors that dare studying this drug are labeled quacks and therefore not many people research it nor take it as a medication, the few who do experience miscellaneous results and that's not a controlled environment.

On the other hand, Vitamin B17 and cancer treatment is just WAY too good to be true, it's readily available in foods like apricot seeds, bitter almonds, grape seeds, apple seeds, raspberries, strawberries, plums, spinach, lima beans, barley, bamboo shoots, macadamia nuts and many more, so it's not like you have to chug a tub of guano to get the benefits, it's right there in nature so if this is really a cancer cure, I can see why Pig Pharma is constantly discrediting it. It's just too ubiquitous and affordable compared to the thousands of Dollars that a cancer treatment costs.

Now, it is also worth mentioning, something that all these institutions are utilizing to shut down this Vitamin as a viable cancer treatment is that they keep saying It contains Cyanide. If you don't know what Cyanide is, it's basically what Nazis used to gas people. It's an extremely toxic substance and it's known as a very well known, potent poison. You know what also contains Cyanide? Cyanocobalamin. Also known as Vitamin B12 [read more about it], which you consume every single day and in fact, without it you'd die. It's not Cyanide in its base form. It's just a similar. AND SO IS VITAMIN B17!!! But of course they won't tell you that. They want it to sound edgy and dangerous. "If you take too much Laetrile YOU CAN DIE!". Yeah, no DUH! It's called Vitaminosis! Which is basically Vitamin poisoning/overdose. You exceed the recommended dose and then you die. Which applies to literally EVERYTHING.

Seriously, Folks, the game is rigged, they KNOW all this and they are manipulating the information to make this and other drugs look evil and bury ANY and all traces of a relationship between B17 and cancer. Any hope for a cure is fading just because people swallow all this crap regurgitated by Pig Pharma.

And of course we come full circle; If a person overdoses on Laetrile/Amygdalin and dies, the news are going to go nuts over it and say "see? I told you!" but at the same time, any real pharmacological value is being ignored because we're too busy demonizing potential cures and pushing pills instead and people are way too brain-washed to understand this.


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