We Won!: Facebook No Longer Shadow-bans Cannabis Pages

If you own or visit a Cannabis-related page, you may know this problem all too well. We've discussed shadow-banning here before. That and account termination is something we personally have gone through. And if you remember we've also posted this petition to stop Facebook from censoring the Cannabis-related content, well, it worked!

If you're not up to speed, Facebook had this concern that their platform would be used for drug deals so they enforced a ban on Marijuana-related keywords but the extent of this ban went on to damage much more than just illegal drug deals. Legal dispensaries, licensed caregivers and cannabis policy advocates were also affected. People who actually wanted or needed information about Marijuana would get blank search results. So the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) took action and started a petition on behalf of all of us, to stop Facebook from censoring these pages and over 20k people signed it!

Bowing to the pressure, Facebook announced that they will stop censoring Weed-related content and it will now appear in searches, which is a huge move in the right direction, but as you all know, this war is not over. If you remember from the shadow-banning post, Instagram still does it. Certain hashtags can lead to shadow-banning or even account termination. Wanna guess which ones? Yeah, they don't actually tell you. So you go about, being your gorgeous, beautiful self and then BAM! Your account is gone! For no reason. Or so it seems. They don't tell you it's because you used certain keyword or hashtag that they agreed upon behind closed doors. They just snap their fingers Thanos style and your account don't feel so good.

So let's keep fighting for this plant's right to exist and for all its users to be able to talk about it freely. The war is not over, but winning this battle sure was sweet.

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