Weed Actually Motivates You To Exercise, Study Shows

Stoners are known by society for being 'lazy' or 'unmotivated' and that's how the world views them, but is this true in any way? Look at Bill Gates, George Clooney, Lady Gaga, Steve Jobs, Carl Sagan, great people who accomplished great things, who at one point or another picked up a doobie and gave it a couple of tokes yet they rose to greatness and challenged the status quo, are stoners lazy or unmotivated? No. Not really, but you had no way to prove it. No matter how hard you worked or how much you tried to show everyone, if you smoke weed you're a slacker. Until now, that is. Because a study by the University of Colorado showed that Marijuana might increase the enjoyment of physical activity, effectively motivating the users to exercise.

Researchers surveyed 600 users from states where Cannabis was legalized and asked them about their fitness habits, more than 8 out of 10 of the people who took the survey, who were from the states where Marijuana use is legal said they had better and more positive exercise experience.

“Results indicated that the majority (81.7%) of participants endorsed using cannabis concurrently with exercise, and those who did tended to be younger and more likely to be male, furthermore, participants reported that cannabis use increased the amount of exercise in which they partook, and that it not only increased their enjoyment of the workout but improved their post-workout recovery,”
Researchers said.

The study reported that users were more engaged in aerobic and anaerobic exercise and found they reaped more efficiently the benefits of Cannabis immediately before or after the work out. Half of them reported they felt more motivated to exercise.

The impact of the findings of this study not only helps to dispel those terrible myths and stereotypes about Marijuana being unhealthy or a bad habit, but also breaks down that social stigma about stoners being inactive and lethargic. It simply isn't true and science can prove it.

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