Why Brett Kavanaugh's Skeletons In The Closet Might Be A Problem Later On

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, I am sure you've heard about Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee. You might remember this guy from a previous post, where I spoke about how POTUS dearest wanted to make protesting illegal because he didn't like how people protested in one of Kavanaugh's rallies. I didn't go in-depth as to WHY they were protesting, but today we gonna talk about that.

If you have not been living under a rock, but aren't as well informed as you should, perhaps Kavanaugh might seem like a great man for the job to you. But if you are up to speed with his twisted antics, you might be thinking right now "God, I hope he never gets the job" and all the rest of you might be thinking "well, that's damn awful of you to think that way!" but hold your horses, Folks, because I am going to get you up to speed, then drive you off a cliff into full paranoia, 'cause this guy is more dangerous than you might think. And here's why:

First of all, he's one of the newest member's in Trump's cabinet. Which kinda resembles to MY cabinet. My pantry cabinet, that is. Which is mostly full of spoiled food and garbage. Most of its members have been either fired or they resigned, so that should raise a couple of red flags right there.

The fact that Mr. Kavanaugh is Trump's nominee, kinda sets the tone for the whole thing in my opinion, since the man is apparently grossly incompetent at it. Otherwise most of his original cabinet would still be there and as the record shows, it seems to very much not be the case.

Next, the man is under investigation by the FBI and over 42k pages of investigation have been released by the Bush lawyer for the senate to review. The caveat? There literally isn't enough time to go through all of them and so not all evidence will be considered. Why is that bad? Well, say page 21,753 says he beat a hooker with a wrench, that's not going to be taken into account and then you'll have a Supreme Court Judge that murdered a hooker making important decisions that will eventually impact YOU. I mean, he probably didn't murder a hooker, in all fairness (I hope), maybe the record is squeaky-clean, but my point is, would you wanna take the risk? I'm just saying, this does not smell of a clean process at all.

And then there's this whole scandal with Christine Blasey Ford. Which, Jesus Christ... Poor woman. I mean, to play devil's avocado here, yes, I've heard of famous people being unjustly accused of sexual misbehavior for their money or as part of a smear campaign, but damn, this guy looks guilty as shit. Pretty much because of all the mental gymnastics he was performing during the hearing. I mean, GIVE THE MAN AN OSCAR, for Pete's sake! From getting oddly emotional over objectively weird things (like his alive-and-well-dad reading from a calendar when he was younger), to dodging questions altogether, the whole hearing was pretty much a complete circus.

Not to mention that Christine had absolutely no reason to lie about it. In fact she was better off keeping it shush 'cause of all the unnecessary attention she was gonna get and obviously relieving the whole incident, which I am sure must be unpleasant as all hell. Oh, and I forgot to mention, she passed the polygraph test, too.

There's a bunch of other things that I am not going to analyze here for the sake of brevity, like the fact that he might have a drinking problem, but you're a Google search away from learning more if you're so inclined. For the time being I am just going to wrap things up by reminding you, that Trump picked this person as his Supreme Court nominee, especially after the many scandals he was (and still is) involved in during his presidency, from paying 'hush money' to women he was sleeping with to fraud allegations, to his yet-not-released tax returns. Being this close to actually being indicted, Kavanaugh might make it all go away for Trump and God knows what else he might help him to get away with. Would you like a person with such a questionable character to be the Supreme Court Judge? Yeah, me neither.

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