Why Opioids Suck: All You Need To Know.

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

If you are a regular here, you probably noticed we aren't big fans of Opioids here, at Cannijuana Friends Blog. But I never really properly explained why they suck. Sure, there's a few posts here and there delving into it, but no proper post, so today we're going to talk about exactly that.

Let me start by saying that not all opioids are evil. You have opioid receptors for a reason and your body produces them naturally in the form of dynorphins, enkephalins, endorphins, endomorphins and nociceptin. These chemicals are needed by your organism to function properly. For example, when you suffer a serious injury, like a fracture or a major laceration, your body releases endomorphins, so you're not paralyzed by the pain and can seek medical help or get out of harm's way. If your body succumbed to pain immediately, you wouldn't be able to move or react or think clearly, as you'd be stuck in a permanent fight or flight mode panic and you'd surely perish. So our bodies have a natural counter-measure for these situations; It releases chemicals that numb the pain so you can go to the hospital, or get out of traffic -if you've been hit by a car-.

In other cases, your body releases endorphins, when you do something good for your health, like running or something that makes you happy like eating pizza, and it's a chemical incentive so you continue doing these things that are important for your mental and physical health and survival.

There's also nociceptin, for example, which regulates stress and anxiety, or dynorphins, which are analgesics that your body produces endogenously (meaning naturally, from the inside), but we're gonna focus on endorphins and endomorphins mostly because it's these two, or the lack thereof that can make your life a living hell.

Now. Imagine for a moment that you break your leg. Your body releases a bunch of endomorphins to numb the pain, you somehow limp to the nearest ER and get treated and then something happens: You calm down and relax and your body stops producing these natural painkillers. You're safe. But the nerve endings are still damaged, your bones are still broken and there's tissue damage that's slowly healing, yes, but it's still damaged at the end of the day and the pain sets in. You'd give anything to make it stop. IT'S UNBEARABLE! So the doctor prescribes you an opioid drug. Similar to the naturally-occurring ones that numbed the pain when the accident happened. And so it begins.

A side-effect to these artificial opioids is that they make you feel great. After all it's a very similar chemical that your body produces when you achieve something or when you do something good for yourself so besides making the pain go away, these drugs also act like an instant "make everything alright" button, so it's not at all like taking your cod liver syrup vitamins as a kid, it's more like an: icecream+pizza+videogames evening with your best friend as a kid. And as you continue taking these chemicals via pills or injections your body starts to build tolerance and you need a bigger dose. Eventually your body stops producing them altogether and relies mostly on the drugs you're taking and here's where the other half of the problem starts; We all have problems, for some it's a clogged toilet but for others, maybe it's someone in their life who left them abruptly, maybe they're not making enough money to pay for the mortgage, perhaps they feel inadequate in a relationship (or in general) and every time they take this drug, it's like a "make-everything-alright" button, remember? This plays an important role in their addiction, 'cause eventually they finish the treatment and have to move on, but their body is aching for a fix still. This, combined with the psycho-social issues each individual has, makes this addiction very hard or nearly impossible to kick. The pains are actually worse, their anxiety is over the roof, they are depressed and miserable and all they can think of is this chemical "make-everything-alright" button they've been taking. Which leads to them either breaking something else to get an excuse for a refill, or resorting to street drugs like heroin to satiate their need for opiates.

Now, since this is a very strong central nervous system depressor, they are not able to perform properly at work (or in life, for that matter), which leads to them ruining their career, relationships and entire life over this drug(s). And as a bonus, remember that tolerance I mentioned earlier? Well, this also leads to people amping their dose. Which leads to overdoses and deaths.

Pig Pharma Takes Advantage Of Your Opioid Addiction

And this obviously and very conveniently is a HUGE business for Pig Pharma. Sure, it'll treat your pain and depression, but it'll make you feel so good that you'll be hooked for life on this crap. It's a billion-dollar industry for them. So no wonder why it wants any competition out of the market. And think about it: it's the perfect "make-everything-alright" button, like I said, so it makes sense that medical doctors everywhere would prescribe this garbage as a lazy solution for it all. Headache? Opioids. Fracture? OPIOIDS. Depression? Guess what? OPIOIDS! Y'all got anxiety? Maybe a shrink would help. Just kidding. OPIOIDS GALORE!!! Let those opioids rain!

And now this is an actual problem in today's society. 'Cause this has costed the country a trillion freaking dollars from 2001 through 2017 (, it's been dubbed "the opioid crisis" for a very good reason. This poison is clearly not working, but like spoiled children, the government and the healthcare system cover their ears and go "LALALALALAALALALA--I'M NOT LISTENING!!!!--LALALALAALALALAA" and meanwhile the country is crumbling.

Actually, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) has a very good piece about it, where you can better appreciate the scope of the problem.

You can also read more about it here:

and here:

And that's why it's dangerous problem. I'm not gonna push for alternatives in this post. That's not my job. I just want you to be aware of this problem and to understand how it works and what it does. And then you can take an informed decision, avoid this poison like the plague and maybe share it with others, so they too, understand why it's so dangerous.

Thanks very much for reading and if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it or help us keep this going by visiting our shop and purchasing a t-shirt and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to find out about the latest posts and giveaways and as always, stay happy!


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