You Can Actually Get Arrested For CBD Possession In The DFW Airport

If you find travel stressing or you suffer from any kind of anxiety or chronic pain, you might want to think twice about using Cannabidiol or bringing it to an airport terminal, especially if it is Dallas Fort Worth, because on top of being objectively one of the worst airports in the country, now you can get arrested for possessing it while you are there! Not even kidding.

Journalists from Texas news source NBC 5 Investigates discovered that in this major airport, customs officers are confiscating CBD and detaining and sometimes arresting passengers who carry it in their luggage, some of them actually end up facing felony drug charges for trying to travel with CBD.

Officially Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is legally in a grey area; The Texas Compassionate Use Act allows people with certain severe health conditions to use products with less than 0.5% THC, although federal law makes it easy to assume that CBD is legal. That said, last December, Congress legalized hemp farming and sales as part of the Farm Bill, which removed hemp's designation as a controlled substance and reclassified it as an agricultural product, making it legal at a federal level, which means that these officials are basically just willingly ignoring the law and making up their own.

Now, I don't believe in 'gray areas' so let's say it IS in fact illegal in Texas, it does not get you high, so it can't be as 'bad' as weed itself, and I'm saying it just because Federally, Marijuana is still a Schedule I drug. Most people use it as a medication. In fact I've never heard about anyone using it recreationally, altho I'm sure there are weirdos out there who do, so basically these officials are confiscating a medication from people suffering from severe anxiety, epilepsy or crippling pain. Is the arrest really necessary? I mean, at this point it just sounds like bullying! This all sounds to me like a bunch of people tripping on power and taking out their frustrations on vulnerable folks. #JustSaying.

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