You Can Now Smoke Weed In Florida!

Another HUGE victory for the Cannabis community! Even tho you could buy and use medical marijuana in Florida, up to this point you couldn't smoke it because of a regulation passed by former governor Rick Scott. When Scott passed the legislation, Cannabis advocates sued claiming that the ban violated the amendment passed by voters and a state court agreed, declaring the rule invalid. However, it remained in place because an appeal from Scott's administration until the new governor, Rick DeSantis took office at the beginning of this year and told the legislature if the ban was not repealed his administration would abandon the appeal of the court ruling. The legislature passed a repeal bill last week and DeSantis signed it last Monday and now adult medical Cannabis patients, may purchase up to 2.5 ounces of smokable marijuana every 35 days, under Doctor's prescription.

The reason this is such big news is because, the south historically had uptight Marijuana laws, and Florida, being in the south might influence other states once their patients start to migrate to Florida to get their medication.

It is clear that certain kinds of patients will do about anything to get better, such as the case of Nola Sousley, from Bolivar, Missouri, a stage 4 cancer patient who had his room raided by cops searching for his medical Marijuana. Like him, many other patients have found that big pharma medicine is either too useless, or too addictive and that's rich coming from a Cannabis Blog, but let's be honest here, Opioids generate way more dependence and come with a whole lot more side-effects than weed so it's clear they are the better alternative. What the impact of this legislation will be on other south states remains to be seen.

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