Zero Respect: Trump is the World's Laughing-Stock

For generations, America has been the world power. All the other countries envied it and wanted to be like it. People wanted to immigrate to America. Arguably, they still do, which is why POTUS dearest is building a pointless border wall down south but my point is, it's not as popular as before. No aspect of America is anymore. Especially the president. And this is the part we're going to focus on today; Donald J. Trump. The world's jester of presidents.

While his approval rate in the United States is subject to political views and very much depends on your political alignment, the rest of the world doesn't see a Republican or a Democrat. They see an imbecile. Not only did he manage to ruin certain international relationships beyond repair, but he also took very unwise financial decisions for the US and started a new era of racist nationalism. What's more, his speech pattern and mannerisms have become a staple of comedy for many political shows around the world and it's quite possibly one of the most parodied presidents and all this reflects on how the world views America now; As a joke. And it's a bit depressing. Because I used to look up to America and now I am starting to feel ashamed of it. Whatever happened to "Make America Great Again"? It in fact looks like it's leaking greatness! When did we start to shift the guilt from the greedy billionaires like Trump himself to the penniless immigrants? Who's really ruining America? #JustSayin

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